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The Thom Hartmann Radio Program

Advertise on the Thom Hartmann Program

"There's a buzz growing around nationally syndicated talk show host Thom Hartmann, whose daily program syndicated by i.e. America is drawing high marks by those who are on the lookout for talk radio's "Great Liberal Hope."
                 --Talkers Magazine

The Thom Hartmann Program is carried live nationally and you can advertise on it for a surprisingly low price. For details, call Ron Hartenbaum at (917) 881-9669, or drop an email to We have both national advertising programs, and a new program for small businesses that rotates between webstreams and national exposure, for a very low cost.

Radio is the High Frequency Medium!

  • With Radio You Can….
  • Expand Your Advertising reach
  • Target Your Best Customers
  • Generate Message Frequency
  • Reach Mobile Consumers
  • Motivate People to Buy
  • Build Special Relationships
  • Break Through Media Clutter
  • Make a Lasting Impression
  • Maximize Media Investments

Radio’s Weekly Reach in Prime Demos

Persons 12+ 95.8%
Men 18+ 96.6%
Women 18+ 94.3%
Men 25-54 98%
Women 25-54 96.5%
Teens 99.2%

Radio’s Weekly Reach in Prime Dayparts

Monday through Sunday 6am-Midnight 95.8%
Monday through Sunday 6am-10am 85%
Monday through Sunday 10am-3pm 85.6%
Monday through Sunday 3pm-7pm 82.8%
Monday through Sunday 7pm-midnight 62.4% 

Radio: Reaches Consumers by Location

At Work 19.5%
At Home 36.8%
In the Car 43.7%

 Reach Mobile Consumers

40% of shoppers say they spend ˝ to 1 hour in drive time
26% say they drive 1 to 2 hours
11% say they drive 2 or more hours
Shoppers listen to radio an average of 32 minutes per trip.

“Listening to a message is much more effective than reading it!”

            --Jack Trout, author, The New Positioning

Percent Reached Within 60 Minutes of Purchase

“There is a window of advertising opportunity preceding each purchase.”

Radio 63%
Outside 33%
TV 22%
Newspaper 13%
Magazines 12%

Consumers are Intensely Loyal to their Favorite Station and Spend More Time with Radio than any Other Medium.

Radio 44%
TV 41%
Newspaper 10%
Magazines 5%

Make a Lasting Impression—Radio vs. TV Recall

Radio 51%
TV 38%

Average Weekday Share of Media Time During Prime Shopping Hours

(6am-6pm, 18+, Income: 50k+
Radio 53%
TV 29%

US Household Penetration

Radio 99%
Cable 68%

"We picked up the Thom Hartmann Program to offer balance to our lineup, and to reach out to the many people who vote Democratic. He's done a great job of presenting his 'radical middle' viewpoint, building a listener base among Democrats and liberals, yet bringing along our conservative listeners who also listen and call in to his show."
--Nancy Engel, Partner, WINI, Carbondale IL

Talk Radio for the Rest of Us
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Local Programming
If you'd like to hear The Thom Hartmann Program on your local station, check out our page on how to bring the program to your town by clicking here.

If you're interested in advertising on The Thom Hartmann Program, send an email to our office for rates and information. Include your contact info.

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