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Articles on ADHD

A collection of articles on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, (ADHD) and related topics, most written by Thom Hartmann. (To navigate, click on the blue text.)

Click here to listen to Thom's ADDA Keynote speech
Thom Hartmann's closing speech to the ADDA conference, May 2002 (Real Audio format so you can listen to it on your computer, runs about an hour). 

SPECT, Cancer and ADHD
With a SPECT scan, a child is injected with a radioactive material directly into his bloodstream. Its radiation-emitting particles are carried to every nook and cranny of his body. How much does this raise the child's risk of getting cancer later in life?

Article on ADHD and Evolution
By Bob Seay from Additude Magazine - an excellent summary of the most recent scientific research into how ADHD got into our genes and why it's so widespread and persistent. (There's more info on this on our links page, including links to the studies themselves.)

Adults and children are affected by A.D.D and A.D.H.DIt's Time to Empower Our Girls
I remember walking into the living room and saying to my wife, "I think I've just participated in a cultural brainwashing experiment."

Damaged Hunters
ADDers are damaged by growing up in our society, but not in hunting cultures. Why?

Social Skills
Why do so many children and adults with ADD/ADHD seem to lack the normal social graces or ability to make and keep friends, and what can be done about it?

Whose Order is Being Disordered by ADHD?
A response to a Barkley/Goldstein editorial trying to tie evolution to ADHD.

Good German Schools Come to America
How obvious is it, that the US state school system is based on the history of schools in Germany going back over hundreds of years?

"Good" Science, Expectations, Villains, and Hope
If you have the "defect" of ADHD you’re doomed to struggle and most likely fail. Not true!

Hunter and Farmer Approach to ADD/ADHD
Thom Hartmann's approach showing the differences between "Hunters" and "Farmers".

Schools have plenty to answer for with Attention Deficit DisorderThe "Real" School Is Not Free
The concept of compulsory public schools has been tried, with little success.

Hunters & Farmers, Five Years Later
A review of the hunter and farmer theory, five years after it was first published.

Note to a Parent
In spring of 2001, a parent wrote to tell a story of her child being horribly emotionally wounded by his school, and asked for suggestions.

Government and responsibilityOur Government Needs Good Citizens
In 1997, Vermont governor Howard Dean announced that he wanted to appoint to the Vermont Supreme Court a justice who would consider "common sense more important than legal technicalities" and "quickly convict guilty criminals."

The Miracle of a "Normal" Home
1981 article on the New England Salem Village and how children were cared for (and are still cared for).

Our children are failing in school. No, it is the schools which are failing our children!Why Do So Many Smart Children With ADD Fail In Our Public Schools?
Reaction to an Forbes article.

ADHD: Disorder or Difference?
Is ADHD a disorder, or are people just different?

Coping Skills for Adults with ADD/ADHD
Transcript of an online conference with Thom Hartmann.

ADD Interview
Thom Hartmann, interviewed by Bob Seay from 

Full transcript.

All articles are (c) Copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without express permission.

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