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Although we strongly recommend you purchase books from your local bookseller or links to local stores), we also link to for easy purchase for folks who live in ares not served by a local bookstore, or in those areas where the local chain book store doesn't stock all of Thom's ADHD books.

Chapters and Excerpts

Thom Hartmann has written a number of best selling books covering Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). These are available online from and in many quality bookshops.

Several chapters extracted from the books are reproduced here, to give you a flavor of the content and to encourage a greater understanding of ADD.

Abraham MaslowWhat Maslow Overlooked: The Need to Feel Alive
From the book: Beyond ADD

Richard Bandler, founder of NLPForeward to "Healing ADD"
by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-founder of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP)...

Hunters in our Offices and Schools - The Origins of ADHD This is Chapter Two of Thom's first ADD book, Attention Deficit Disorder: A Differerent Perception in which he explains in some detail the first part of his Hunter/Farmer metaphor to describe ADHD...

Normal People: The Origins of Agriculture and Overfocusing Disorder This is Chapter Three of Thom's first ADD book, ADD: A Different Perception in which he explains how the overfocused ones rose up and took over and decided who was normal and who wasn't...

How We Experience the World Differently
From the book: Healing ADD
ADD is about the differences among humans. We and our children have different hair, eyes, body sizes, and different preferences in a thousand areas... 

Could Someone with ADD have Survived in a Primitive Hunting Society? A fascinating chapter that raises and answers this often-used junk science objection to Thom's Hunter/Farmer theory... From Thom's book ADD: A Different Perception

ADD vs. ADHD, and Women vs. Men
An unpublished chapter from: Thom Hartmann's Complete Guide to ADD

Talking Circles to Deepen Communication Native cultures from the Americas to Africa to Australia to Asia use talking circles as a way of deepening communication and understanding within families and groups. Different from the "serial ego trips" most people think of them as, Talking Circles are actually a technology that's been refined by 60,000 years of human trial-and-error...

Can Parents' Smoking Cause Childhood Behavior Problems? This is a chapter from ADD:ADP that explores a topic you won't find in the women's magazines supported by tobacco advertising, but the research that's been done is truly startling. While smoking does not "cause" ADHD, it clearly can increase violence and other behavioral problems for ADHD children...

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