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ADD: A Different Perception by Thom HartmannChapter Excerpt from:
"The Prophet's Way"

by Thom Hartmann

You are invited to read several excerpts from "The Prophet's Way".

Uganda Sojourn: Light in the Heart of Darkness
Before its destruction, it must have been one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Now everywhere are burned-out buildings, broken glass, and tens of thousands of hungry, haunting faces.

Visit to IndiaIndia 1993 and 1996
Thom's travels in India and what he saw and thought on these two visits.

A Visit to the Apache Nation
Face to face with an Older Culture, that has been beaten, pillaged and slaughtered by a Younger Culture.

Consciousness and Transformation
Recent scientific studies show that matter and the mind that perceives it are not as separate as Aristotle, Descartes, and our modern culture have believed.

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