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Chapter Excerpt from:
"Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight"

by Thom Hartmann

You are invited to read several excerpts from "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight".

Last Hours of Ancient SunlightWe're All Made Out of Ancient Sunlight
In a very real sense, we’re all made out of sunlight. Sunlight radiating heat, visible light, and ultraviolet light is the source of virtually all life on Earth.

Burning of trees destroying the worldThe Death of Trees
By burning trees, coal, and oil, we’re currently pouring over six billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year, an explosion compared to the 1.6 billion tons we spit out in 1950.

Older cultures younger culturesThe Power of our Point of View: Older and Younger Cultures
Because of human actions—and inaction—our planet appears to be on a collision course with disaster.

The Lessons Ancient People Have For Us
One of the oldest cultures on Earth is that of the !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in the northern parts of South Africa.

The Secret of “Enough”
If you are naked, cold, and hungry, and somehow you get shelter, clothing, and food, you will feel better.

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