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You have reached the ADHD Home page of Thom Hartmann's ADD/ADHD website. A growing resource for parents and health professionals. Thom is the author of eight books on ADHD, and the creator of the "Hunter in a Farmer's World" metaphor and of the Shadow Coaching program for helping people whose lives are touched by ADHD achieve success.

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Science Validates Hartmann's Hunter/Farmer Hypothesis
Irvine, Calif., Jan. 8, 2002 -- A variant form of a gene associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) indicates that the disorder is a recent affliction and may once have helped humans thrive and survive, according to a UCI College of Medicine study.

The human gene study, which appears in the Jan. 8 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, suggests that behavior now considered inappropriate in a classroom may be related to behavior that once helped humans overcome their environment...

"Our data show that the creation of the 7R allele was an unusual, spontaneous mutation, which became an advantage for humans," Moyzis said. "Because it was an advantage, the gene became increasingly prevalent. This is very different from other genes that predispose to genetic disorders, where the mutations are detrimental. We believe this helps explain why a disorder with such a strong genetic association is so common today."

Feature: Coaching can transform your life
Coaching can help!
As in so many other areas, a revolution is happening in the treatment of ADHD. Genetic scientists now suggest that ADHD is not a disease, pathology, defect, or disorder.

Instead, AHDD is a genetic difference that would ideally suit a person to life in a hunting/gathering world, while those without the ADHD trait are better suited to a life of cautious, methodical agriculture.

Along with this reframing of ADHD itself has come a redefinition of the best ways to help people who find that their Hunter skills donít always serve them optimally in this Farmerís world.

Coaching, it turns out, is one of the most powerful and effective ways for people with ADHD to achieve success. Discover more...

Message Boards
The Talk to Thom Forum, where you can exchange messages with Thom Hartmann and others who share an interest in ADD/ADHD, has been busy this month.

Whether you are a parent or healthcare professional, you will find plenty of food for thought. Thom reads the Forums on a regular basis and will be there to share thoughts and opinions on ADD/ADHD. Drop in today.

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Book of the Month
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A wonderful reframing of ADHD in children. HIGHLY recommended.

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