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A Collection of Links

Websites you may find of interest:

The new movie, Liberty Bound, based in part on the articke, "When Democracy Failed," that I wrote in early 2002.

Survival of the Kalahari Bushmen a page on the very real issues of survival of indigenous peoples.
A website that "outs" phony gurus and monitors the New Age market
Just for the fun of it.

An introduction to Zen Practice
It takes about a half-hour for the whole experience, so be patient.

Bridging the Gap Internet Ministries
The Reverent Nancy Detweiler, dedicated to the spiritual seeker.

Coaching Throughout Your Lifecycle
Exploring and developing ways of be-ing that are healthy, creative, life-affirming and FUN!

Common Dreams News Center
Breaking News and Views  for the Progressive Community.
Info on lies in the media.

Earth Action

One of the premier organizations helping to save the world.

Daniel Quinn's site

Daykeeper Journal Online
A journal of consciousness, astrology and transformation.
Jimi Two Feathers and Morwen Two Feathers site.

Chris Goldsmith's book on Spirit, Mind and Body.

The Global Citizen
Bi-weekly column by Donella H. Meadows.
Check out their spoof ads!  Brilliant!!

Intentional Communities
An inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives and other related projects and dreams

Magical Blend

A great magazine!

The Priory of Sion and Knights Templar
If you get the connection.

One of the best organizations around.

Environmental Defense Fund


Rainforest Action Network
Great links to indigenous people's sites.

Sustainability Institute
A think-do tank dedicated to sustainable resource use.

World Wildlife Fund
Photos of the tunnels under NYC - see "Greatest Spiritual Secret".

Marianne Williamson

New Age Magazine

James Redfield

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Save Tibet!

Stephen Larsen

New Dimensions
Great site.
One of the best sites & newsletters on the destructive impact of mining.

Jill Gatsby's Music
Jill is a talented musician who sends part of her proceeds to Salem.

Carol Adrienne
A great site about the conversation about awakening.

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