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A Collection of Articles by Thom Hartmann and others

A variety of recent articles by Thom about democracy, including "When Democracy Failed" all first published on Common Dreams.

The Dinosaur War - To Protect Corporate Profits, an article by Thom first published in October, 2002, on

The story of Carl: How humans are affected by the legal doctrine that corporations should have 'human rights' such as the right to privacy that allows them to conceal knowledge of how deadly their products are...and what we can do about it.

Dismantling Democracy: What's behind the magic trick of war?

Copper Mine PollutionCopper Mining, Pollution and Miracles
Discover how these topics go together to show how we can awaken and transform the world.

The Goddess of Democracy
A sacred archetype to heal the world. Originally published in From The Ashes, an anthology of essays about the 911 experience.

What Happened at the Boston Tea Party? Was it the world's first anti-globalization protest?

Hear an audio interview with Thom HartmannFour minutes of audio on the topics of Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight with The Paula Gordon Show

And an hour-long interview with Michael Toms of New Dimensions Radio on the topics of Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.

To Restore Democracy, First Abolish Corporate Personhood From Thomas Paine to today...

Democracy and Economic Cycles A potential disaster or an opportunity?

Dismantling Democracy What's behind the magic trick of war?

The Miracle of a Normal Home
A story first published in 1980 about the community for abused children that Thom and Louise Hartmann started and ran for five years, still in operation in Rumney, New Hampshire.

Taking Equality Seriously by Tom Athanasiou
Tom Athanasiou is the author of the brilliant book Divided Planet: The ecology of rich and poor and this is an article he wrote and contributed to this website.

A Curious Dialogue
Long one to one interview with Thom Hartmann. A fascinating insight to Thom's thoughts and opinions.

Meeting with His Holiness Pope John Paul IIMeeting with Pope John Paul II
Thom and Louise Hartmann visited the Vatican and met His Holiness Pope John Paul II. Share the experience.

The Lost People
As you wise Native American elders here have shared, you know your roots. You know the languages of your great-grandmothers, from before the White Europeans arrived and murdered your people and stole their lands.

Something Will Save Us
Surely someone, somewhere is working on saving the planet? Something will be discovered..... won't it?

Will the world recover? Do tomatos have the answer?Still Recovering
A short story. 
"There was something about the tomato plant that just wasn't right."

Hear an audio interview with Thom HartmannAn Audio Interview
An interview in Real Audio, by Paul Sladkus of Good News Broadcasting.

Paul hawken discusses the World Trade OrganisationPaul Hawken's WTO Seattle Diary
Powerful, insightful, and meaningful reporting and commentaries on the events at the World Trade Organization in Seattle.

Mike Hutchison on Enlightenment An amazing interview with an old friend and fellow author who had an experience that changed his life...and may change yours.

Prophet's Way conference report A report from the annual "Prophet's Way" meeting in Germany, where a bunch of folks get together with Herr Mueller and walk through the woods and hug trees and other extraordinarly things. By Andrea Lomas, a participant from Scotland.

All articles are (c) Copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without express permission.

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