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The Thom Hartmann Radio Program

Coast to coast and around the world, providing talk radio for the rest of us...

"There's a buzz growing around nationally syndicated talk show host Thom Hartmann, whose nationally syndicated daily program is drawing high marks by those who are on the lookout for talk radio's "Great Liberal Hope."
                 --Talkers Magazine

Thom Hartmann's national program, syndicated by Air America Radio, and on the air live daily since March 2003, is carried on radio stations across the USA, daily from noon to 3 pm ET. It is also broadcast 7 days a week on Stream 146 on Sirius satellite radio and weekends and evenings on the "Air America" channel on XM satellite radio, and streamed live on the web from,,, and CRN Digital into cable systems in 29 states (click here to hear the program live).

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To get Thom's program on your local radio station, click here.

"Putting a liberal host on opposite Rush Limbaugh's show is great for our market, and really allows us to cover the entire political spectrum. If we're starting a national trend here at Clear Channel in Grand Rapids, I'm proud it started here."
--Phil Tower, WTKG, Clear Channel in Grand Rapids, MI

"Thom's program is my favorite show: educational and fun. And advertisers are going out of their way to get in touch with us since we put on the Thom Hartmann Program!"
--Tom Sebourn, KGOE, Eureka, CA

"We picked up the Thom Hartmann Program to offer balance to our lineup, and to reach out to the many people who vote Democratic. He’s done a great job of presenting his ‘radical middle’ viewpoint, building a listener base among Democrats and liberals, yet bringing along our conservative listeners who also listen and call in to his show."
--Nancy Engel, Partner, WINI, Carbondale IL

"With 1.7 million users, the Thom Hartmann show is one of our most highly rated programs. He regularly loads our servers to capacity and the quality of his discussions keeps them coming back for more!"
-- Shelby LaPre, Station Manager

"The Thom Hartmann Show ... is liberal talk radio with a rational perspective, solid facts, and grounded in the history of America."
--Radio Ink magazine 

Our intro music was custom written and performed for The Thom Hartmann Program by Jaye Muller, one of the world's great new musical artists.

Transcripts of Thom's "weekly NLP class" are here.

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