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ADHD in the Workplace

A Hunter in a Business World

In this workshop Thom Hartmann will help those with ADHD and professionals who work with them hunt for success in the workplace.

Topics Include:

* Finding the right job and being a hunter within someone else’s company.

* ADD & Entrepreneurship—building your own business.

* Find out your greatest enemy at work and how to overcome it.

* Learn how to hunt for success your career.

* How to Heal Emotional Trauma NOW!

Thom Hartmann suggests there is one underlying principle that makes possible all the various forms of "energy therapies," NLP, and the healing experiences involved in religious conversion. 

Rooted in the concepts of a holographic mind, internal resources, and the way the body/mind organizes and stores information, Hartmann suggest that once you understand this underlying principle you can better and more readily use any of the various forms of therapy available.

This workshop will enlighten your view of emotional and psychological healing, tell you new stories about how our minds' work, and hand you a basketful of new tools for transformation.

* Discover why energy therapies work

* Learn how to develop your own unique therapies

* Find healing resources within yourself and your clients

* Watch people heal from lifelong psychological and emotional pains and traumas

* Explore and experience these techniques in real-time during this workshop

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