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Upset about corporate influence in our schools? Wondering what you can do? Click here for Thom's new book Unequal Protection

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Although we strongly recommend you purchase books from your local bookseller or links to local stores), we also link to for easy purchase for folks who live in ares not served by a local bookstore, or in those areas where the local chain book store doesn't stock all of Thom's ADHD books.

Waking Up To Personal And Global Transformation

Thom touches on how western thinking, legends, and myths have caused global problems, and what we can do about it. 

Individual actions and changes in consciousness -- lessons we can learn from ancient cultures -- can save the world from impending ecological and cultural crises. 

Touching that place where the survival of humanity may be found is the focus of this workshop. 

Learn About:
* Understanding responsibility for yourself and your actions: how to regain your personal power.

* Rediscovering love in yourself, others, and the divine.

* How to recreate community wherever you are.

* Discover Self-Actualization is possible both individually and culturally.

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