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Although we strongly recommend you purchase books from your local bookseller or links to local stores), we also link to for easy purchase for folks who live in ares not served by a local bookstore, or in those areas where the local chain book store doesn't stock all of Thom's ADHD books.

ADHD/NLP: Two Days to Transformation

Two Day Workshop

Learn techniques and exercises that can change your life.

Thom Hartmann presents NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and other techniques that can readily be picked up by Professionals or well-informed adults and /or taught to children and adults with ADHD.

Those with ADHD or helping those with ADHD will learn to see their lives and the world around them differently. A series of instructions will guide you through transformational exercises to see, hear and feel your own past in a new and empowering way.

This workshop offers help at home, at school and at work. While this course is fun and comfortable, with lots of room for personal interaction with Thom and others in the group, it's also deeply important and transformational, something to be undertaken with commitment to growth and learning. If you are now ready, call or email to sign up: the course will come sooner than you could have imagined, once you turn your intent into action and begin the first step toward a new life.

Topics Include:

-Understanding ADD/ADHD and its driving mechanisms; how to reinvent schools, work and home life.

-How to enhance communication and "read" another person.

-How and when traditional therapy can wound, and how to heal instead.

-Get control of you life and your emotions.

-Connect with anyone and have meaningful, loving relationships.

-Change disempowering traumas and patterns of a lifetime.

-Unlock your own strategies for success.

-Learn how to hunt for success your career.

-Create a compelling future.

-Discover the one most important need Maslow overlooked and why itís so important to human survival and well-being.

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