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Workshops and speeches

Thom Hartmann offers a broad spectrum of presentations, ranging from keynotes for conferences, to evening speeches, to all-day and multi-day workshops. His work is tailored to the needs of your group.

For example, he's spoken to and facilitated workshops for groups ranging from indigenous peoples in South America, Africa, the Arctic, the Southwest USA, and Australia, to conferences by ecologists, teachers, psychologists, brain scientists, political action groups, and business groups (from Hong Kong to New York to German).

Thom's talks and workshops are grounded in his writings, and can cover the entire range of issues from culture to spirituality to radical personal development, with tool sets drawn from a variety of spiritual, cultural, and psychological disciplines. He can also customize them specifically for the needs of your group.

A brilliant storyteller and teacher, he will keep you entertained, fascinated, and learning throughout...and by the end you and your group will have a new vision of the world, a new story of what's possible, and a deep feeling and knowing of your own empowerment to bring about personal and global transformation.
If you would like Thom to speak at your seminar or conference, email for details.

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