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Thom Hartmann has written a number of best selling books covering culture, democracy, spirituality, and ecology. (For Thom's books on education, NLP, and ADD/ADHD click here) For information on the books below, simply click on the book covers or on the blue text.

What Would Jefferson Do?  A Return to Democracy What Would Jefferson Do?
by Thom Hartmann
Based on four years of detailed reading of Jefferson's personal correspondences and writings, a clear vision of the Founders and Framers emerges.  Thom puts this vision into a solid historical context, then projects into our own time to ask - and answer - numerous questions about how this most brilliant thinker of his day would respond to the challenges of the 21st Century.  

We The People: A Call To Take Back America  We The People
by Thom Hartmann

Chronicling the repeated attempts to subvert American democracy - from John Adams Alien & Sedition Acts in 1798 to the PATRIOT Act of today - Thom tells the story of what we can do to restore democracy in America.  Most fun, this is an "illustrated book" - a 200 page non-fiction comic book.  The publisher has built a website about it with lots of great information that you can find here.  A book written for adults but accessible by all, this is a brilliant look into the history of America and its many possible futures.

Unequal Protection: Unequal protection
by Thom HartmannThe Rise of Corporate Dominance and Theft of Human Rights
   "If you wonder why the corporate world constantly lurches from malaise to oppression to governmental corruption and back, Unequal Protection reveals the untold story.  Beneath the success and rise of American enterprise is an untold history that is antithetical to every value Americans hold dear.  This is a seminal work, a godsend really, a clear message to every citizen about the need to reform our country, laws, and companies."
      --Paul Hawken, author, Natural Capitalism

    "Unequal Protection" (click here) is a book about how corporations are trying to hijack democracy - and what we can do about it.

Thom Hartmann's Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight book cover Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
While it seems that things are collapsing all around us -- and on many fronts they are (global warming, humans messing with genes, virulent diseases, the end of cheap oil, water shortages, global famine, wars, etc.) -- it's also possible for us to do something about it and create a world that will work for our children's children.

"The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" details in three parts the damage being done to our biosphere, the reasons why our culture would inevitably do such damage, and how we can fix the problem .
   Read More.... plus these excerpts from the book.

Prophet's Way Book Cover The Prophet's Way

"Touching the Power of Life"

The Prophet's Way is the name of a path in the forest of the German Frankenwald walked daily by Gottfried Mueller, one of Thom's most important mentors.

This is the book about the lessons Thom learned from that relationship and about how you can find true purpose and meaning in your life.
Read more.... and these chapter excerpts.

The Greatest Spiritual Secret of the Century book coverThe Greatest Spiritual Secret of the Century
While Thom's nonfiction books are about spirituality in action, he also found that many people love to read a good story.

The Greatest Spiritual Secret of the Century. It's an adventure, a love story, and a look into the history of our modern culture and religions...filled with ancient secrets for modern mystics.
Read More.... and the first two chapters.

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